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Frequently Asked Questions


What equipment do our operatives arrive on site with?

Tradeslink operatives will arrive on your site complete with copies of full and authenticated industry paperwork, full RPE, a selection of hand tools and full PPE to include stripping boots, site boots and transit shoes.

Who insures our operatives?

We have our own employer's liability insurance specific to work with asbestos. After clarification from HSE lawyers, this is deemed as secondary or contingency cover. Operatives hired to your company would work under your primary insurance with ours seen as a back up to cover any eventualities.

The licensed contractor must hold appropriate Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance, suitably extended to cover working with asbestos.

How much notice period do we need?

We understand how the industry works and the short lead in time to contract start dates that many contractors work to. With this in mind, we make it our aim to fill every vacancy no matter how short the notice period. Booking a week or so in advance obviously helps us all but we are well equipped to cover every eventuality - even same day bookings at times!

Can we provide you with local operatives?

In most circumstances YES. When we are particularly busy in a certain location it may be necessary to bring in people from outside of the local area. This enables us to closely match an operative to a vacancy from a wider pool of available personnel. This guarantees you experienced operatives who can assist in the on time completion of your asbestos abatement projects.

More Information

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